Welcome to Little Palms School!

“Making an eternal difference in the lives of children and their families through the love of Jesus Christ”


We are a Christian preschool; affiliated with the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod – a system with more than 2300 early childhood centers, 1200 elementary schools, 100 high schools, 10 universities, and 2 seminaries throughout the United States since 1847 - we are a part of the largest Protestant school system in the United States. 

We offer both a preschool classroom and a Pre-K classroom. All children must be independently potty trained.  The preschool classroom accepts children as young as 3.  Our Pre-K program is geared for future kindergartens (4-5 year olds) and teaches skills that prepare for future school success! 


1.Children will learn to know Jesus as their Savior and Friend.

2.Children will develop tools and skills to practice self regulation.

3.Children will explore a variety of developmentally appropriate learning centers and activities.

4.Children will discover, manipulate, and experience materials in a variety of creative ways.

5.Children will tend to their own physical needs in the areas of eating, cleanup, and toileting.

6.Children will interact with adults and other children in cooperative settings.

7.Children will be given opportunities to express their feelings and needs through the use of appropriate words

8.Children will develop cognitive and physical skills, which are appropriate to their age and ability.

9.Children will develop feelings of empathy toward other people.

10.Children will see their parents and teachers as supportive and loving caregivers.

11.Children will develop a sense of perseverance, responsibility, altruism and independence.


We believe that children are valued members of God's family who benefit by being respected, loved, and led by caring adults. Children need time to ponder, experiment, discover, and grow in an unhurried and accepting atmosphere. We take care to insure that our school enhances these important years of development, providing opportunities to learn through play, experiences and interaction. Our program is designed to provide spiritual, physical, cognitive, social, emotional and creative experiences at the developmental level of the young child. Activities are Christ centered, showing God's love and guidance in all areas of Christian living.

The preschool and Pre-k programs are flexible and varied, which leads to exciting adventures and love of learning. Our experienced and educated teachers and aides plan for the needs and abilities of each individual child in their classes. Provision is made for experimentation and creative activities, and children develop self confidence and trust as they acquire skills necessary for personal expression and positive social interaction. We believe children benefit when school and family work together to promote their learning and care.

Our school handbook explains our philosophy, goals, policies, and procedures in detail (see Parent Forms & Handbook).  

Thank you so much!