Thank you for your support & participating in fundraising for our church and school!  


Amazon Smile

All items available to purchase at is also available to purchase at the same price via AmazonSmile, by typing in  When you link your Amazon account to Hosanna Lutheran Church, 0.5% of eligible purchases will be donated to Hosanna.  More information about the AmazonSmile program is available at


Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop

As a non-profit organization, Hosanna families can take advantage of the scrip program by earning money just by making their regular purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, they use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers. To find out more about the scrip fundraising program and access a complete list of retailers go to their website linked above A link to the complete list of retailers is also available here:

     Category List Retailer List

Or you can contact Cyndi Arneson at with any questions.


CARTS (Christians Always Ready To Shop) Grocery Rebate Program:

Local grocery stores offer various rebate programs to churches, schools and non-profit service organizations as a community

service. It’s a WIN / WIN situation as the stores WIN by receiving their money up-front, Hosanna WIN’s by receiving rebates based on our member’s cumulative purchases. CARTS is run by volunteers, you simply exchange your check or cash on Sunday mornings or weekdays in the office for a Fry’s Gift Card, a Bashas’ Community Card or pick up a FREE Albertson’s Community Partners Card.

CARTS funds have contribute to many Ministry areas here at Hosanna since 2001 due to your participation in this Fund Raiser / Rebate Program. Through your continued participation God will continue to bless Hosanna and Little Palms.


The new Community Card offers a choice where to shop, as it is accepted at all Bashas', Food City and AJ's stores. Hosanna sells the Community Card to supporters who can then recharge their Community Card at Bashas', AJ's Fine Foods and Food City stores and Hosanna earn rebates on both card purchase and the recharge amount.

Also, it is time to link your Bashas' Thank You Card to Hosanna's ID #. Hosanna's Group ID# for the Bashas' card is 23816. The ID # is also posted on the bulletin board in the narthex. You can do this at the checkout when you are paying for groceries.

Fry's Food & Drug Stores

Fry's Community Rewards Program: 

If you shop at Fry’s, enrollment in their Community Rewards program is done online:


  • Step 1: If you do not have an online Fry’s Account.  (Note:  If you already have an online Fry’s Account and you need to re-enroll skip to Step #2.) If you do not have a Fry’s account you must go to  and select “Create an Account’.  Under Sign- In Information, enter your email address and create a password. (Write down your email and password – you will need this later on in the process.)  Select “Use Card Number’.  Enter your Fry’s VIP card number, last name and postal code.  Under ‘Select Your Preferred Store’ enter your postal code.  Select ‘Find Stores’. Choose your store then select “Create Account”.  You will then be prompted to check your email for a confirmation email.  Click the Hyperlink in your email to finish creating your Online Fry’s Account.                            Continue to Step 2 to register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program of your choice.                                
  • Step 2: Register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program.  Go to   and Select ‘Sign-In’.  Enter your email and password then select ‘sign in’. (This will be the email and password you created in Step1.)  Select ‘My Account ‘then select: Account Settings’ from drop down menu.  Click ‘edit’ under Community Rewards.  If prompted, enter personal information.  Under Find Your Organization:  Enter the NPO number or name of the organization then select ‘search’.  (Hosanna’s number is: #82025)  Under Select Your Organization:  Select box next to your organization.  Then select ‘save changes’.  If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization information listed under: Community Rewards’ on your Account Summary page.  

Hosanna earns 5% in rebate money paid twice a year from Frys.