Thank you for your support & participating in fundraising for our church and school!  


Raise Right

Raise Right is Fundraising While You Shop

As a non-profit organization, Hosanna families can take advantage of the Raise Right program by earning money just by making their regular purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, they use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers. To find out more about the Raise Right fundraising program and access a complete list of retailers go to their website linked above.

A link to the complete list of retailers is also available here:

     Retailer List

Feel free to contact Hosanna's office with any questions at or (480) 984-1414.

Hosanna Lutheran Grocery Rebate Program

Hosanna receives rebates on every dollar we spend at Fry’s and Bashas’.

It is very easy to participate!  


Simply purchase a pre-loaded gift card (cash or check) at the SCRIP table and then all you need to do is re-load your card at the Bashas’ Customer Service Desk for any dollar amount and any method of payment.  Hosanna receives a 6% instant rebate monthly for every gift card purchase and re-load.  


If you shop at Fry’s, enrollment in their Community Rewards Program is simply done online.


Step 1: If you do not have an online Fry’s account.

(NOTE:  if you already have an online Fry’s Account and you need to link your card to Hosanna skip to Step #2).

If you do not have a Fry’s account you must go to and scroll down to “Do you already have a Fry’s VIP online account? If not, “Click Here” to CREATE AN ACCOUNT under Sign In information.  Enter your name and email account (document your password for safe keeping).  Enter your Fry’s VIP card number.    Click the box to Agree to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and then click Create Account. 


Step 2: Register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program (linked to Hosanna).


 If you’re continuing from Step 1 no need to renter email and password

 Go to and select Sign In and enter your email and password.  Select My Account under your name (upper right) then select Community Rewards (left hand side) and then under Find Your Organization type in Hosanna’s number NX067 in the search window.  Click Enroll.  If you have successfully enrolled you should now see your organization information listed.  You should also receive an email with your enrollment information. Hosanna earns 5% in rebate money paid quarterly.


A big “Thank You” to all members who have participated in this program.  


Safeway gift cards are available through Hosanna’s SCRIP Program.