Time and Talents

1 Timothy 6:17 says "Everything we have is a gift from God.  All good things are gifts from God."  

We glorify God by giving to him of our time, talents, and treasures.  

Here are a few ways to give of time and talents at Hosanna based on your interests and God-given gifts: 

  • Helping Others

    A few of the many opportunities include:  
  • Campus Care

    If you'd like to clean the inside of the church, there is a sign up in the church Narthex or you can call the church at (480) 984-1414.  We are so grateful for all those who help care for God's house! 

    We also are always grateful for those who are interested and feel gifted in volunteering to help care for church grounds.    Please contact the Church Office if you are interested in helping.  Our Board of Trustees, led by Bob Meissbach, holds church cleanup days in the Fall and Spring which calls for many needed hands.  Hosanna's Campus Development Projects, also provides opportunities for helping around campus.  

  • Hosanna's Boards and Committees

    Hosanna's Boards Include: 

    Committees Include: 

  • More Opportunities to Serve: 

    • Elders - Contact Head Elder, Scott Brown (pictured left)
    • Hosanna's Choir - Contact Choir Director, John Snyder
    • Hosanna's Handbell Choir. - Contact Director John Snyder